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“This is a Government Institution, Not a Secular Institution”

South Dakota has produced a perfect storm of redefined terms to maintain Christian privilege in government.  As Hemant Mehta reports, the city council of Rapid City has been dismissive of requests that they cease the practice of praying before meetings. When Council Member Bill Clayton laughed off an appeal by a college student, he employed […]

Sledgehammer secularism?

I spent much of today at the “Secularism on the Edge” conference at Georgetown, organized by Jacques Berlinerblau, Sarah Fainberg, and Aurora Nou.  Aside from the opportunity to meet face-to-face with people I have only known online previously, this first day was an exciting and multifaceted look at how secularism works in different nations.  The […]

Irreligion and Decreased Sectarianism

Over at the Society for U.S. Intellectual History, Ben Alpers observes the relative lack of attention paid to the fact that the Romney-Ryan ticket is the first from a major party without a Protestant candidate.  He correctly points out that a Mormon-Catholic alliance, supported by a largely Evangelical base, represents a dramatic shift from an […]